Direct booking strategy
that works

Our proven strategy is based upon ensuring your potential guests are aware of the better value they get when they book through your website.


1. Guest benefits

Firstly, we help you create offers that will have clear benefits to your guests. Example benefits are additional upsell services, loyalty discounts, room upgrades, vouchers, and better booking terms and conditions. We must make it clear to the guest the benefits of booking direct, and the benefits must be real.


2. Guest data

At each point of interaction with your hotel, we ensure you are maximizing the opportunity to capture your guests’ contact details. OTA bookings and cancellations, newsletter subscriptions, website enquiry forms, pre-arrival check-in. We capture not just contact details, but also guest behaviour.  


3. Promotion

Your potential guests must be aware of the benefits they can get by booking direct. It’s no good leaving it to chance! Using the contacts data we run and manage promotion campaigns about these benefits via email, SMS, social media, and your website.  


4. Optimisation

Timing is all-important. We automatically send promotional messages to guests at key moments during the guests’ interaction with your hotel. When they book, pre-arrival, during their stay, post-checkout, if they cancel.  Optimising your direct bookings is about sending the right message at the right time.