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Why are you paying high commission charges to agencies when you can book the same guest directly and keep the money? Join the wave of private hotels who are doing things better and going direct. Don’t get stuck. Be part of the change and rejuvenate your hotel.

Guest relationship management

Are you leveraging your relationship with your previous guests and their social network? If not, you’re missing out on many direct bookings from loyal customers and their family and friends. Let us do this for you and bring happy guests back to your hotel time and time again. You should be benefiting from the hard work you put in to make your guests happy.

About Hoteliqa Digital Marketing Agency Cyprus

Price Marketing

Price comparison is something many hotel guests will do before they book – on sites like Trivago, Google Hotel Ads, Trip Advisor and Kayak. The online travel agents are advertising your hotel on these platforms and you have little control over the prices they are showing and zero chance of getting a direct booking.

Brand Marketing

Potential guests searching on your brand name should see your direct hotel advert first. If potential guests already know your hotel, why not make it easy for them to book direct? These are the guests that know and love your hotel and want to come back. They should be the first customers to book direct if you give them the chance.

Digital Marketing

Our philosophy is refreshingly different. We work with you to create online campaigns which bring exceptional results for direct bookings. You pay no commission to the OTAs and our commission rates are 75% lower than the typical OTA. And you only pay us when you have been paid by the guest. 

Preparing properly for after Coronavirus

When Coronavirus has passed, there will be pent-up demand for people to go on holiday and get away from stress. Unfortunately, the impact of the pandemic will mean many OTAs and traditional agents are unable to survive. Now is the time to implement a direct strategy and ensure you will maximise your bookings and profits when the crisis is over. Discuss your direct marketing strategy with us and prepare properly for after Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Hospitality Industry

Member of Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative

CSTI aims to harness tourism demand with the supply of tourism resources – small producers and their communities, so as to develop a sustainable approach to tourism in Cyprus. Offering a memorable experience for the tourist, this approach also provides a clear economic benefit to villages marginalized by mass tourism, while minimizing adverse socio-economic and environmental impact.

Cyprus Sustainable Toursim Initiative

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Our strategies are the perfect solution for hoteliers looking to maximize revenue and reduce OTA commissions