Hoteliqa, where bookings begin with a conversation

At Hoteliqa, we redefine your guests’ journey from curiosity to check-out through our innovative AI-powered hotel assistant. Engage potential guests like never before by providing instant, comprehensive answers about your hotel’s offerings and the vibrant life surrounding it. From quaint local shops and gourmet restaurants to exhilarating activities and serene beaches, our assistant is the bridge between guests’ queries and your hotel’s exceptional experiences. This seamless interaction not only enriches their planning but significantly boosts your direct bookings, setting you apart from the competition.

Streamlining Bookings

Imagine transforming mere inquiries into confirmed bookings with effortless ease. Our intelligent assistant does just that, capturing booking details through natural, engaging conversations. This direct line of communication not only enhances guest experience but also positions your hotel to maximize occupancy without the hefty commissions charged by OTAs. With Hoteliqa, every conversation has the potential to become a booking, directly contributing to your bottom line.

Continuous Engagement Beyond Booking

The conversation doesn’t end with a booking. Hoteliqa’s AI assistant is at your guests’ beck and call, from pre-arrival queries to post-departure follow-ups. Whether it’s about breakfast timings, local event recommendations, or even requesting additional towels, our assistant ensures your guests have a hassle-free stay, enriching their experience and fostering loyalty. This continuous, on-demand assistance not only elevates guest satisfaction but also streamlines your front desk operations.

Innovation and Future Services

At Hoteliqa, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly exploring new frontiers in AI to bring transformative solutions to the hospitality industry. Our commitment to enhancing and automating business processes promises a future where hotels can offer even more personalized, efficient, and memorable services to their guests. With Hoteliqa, you’re not just adapting to the future; you’re defining it.